I had special cream filled doughnuts

creampie phone sexIt is National Cream Filled Doughnut Day and we were so excited for it that we started our celebration last night! You know a whore like me loves any kind of cream filled delicacy whether it is pie or doughnuts or even pussy so I was right there just begging for some yummy treats. My friends did not disappoint me either,they made something extra special just for me! They got a dozen yummy doughnuts and filled them all with their own “man cream” and presented them to me in a big box with a pretty bow on it. I took one look at what was inside there and busted out laughing! I couldn’t believe that they would be so creative as to cum in a bunch of doughnuts for me! I grabbed one up and started eating it right away… and asked them if they could make my ass and pussy into creampies too while they were at it. Obviously they had no problems with that at all!

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