I do the most

cum dumpster

This was the best weekend a cum dumpster like me could ask for. I went to a pub crawl with some friends. Well, I got a shot of more than just Jagermeister at each bar. As soon as we walked into each new bar I was instantly on the hunt for some dick. With a simple whisper in their ear, they followed me to a stall in the ladies bathroom. Some of the cocks smacked me in the face as I was jerking down the pants that had it trapped. I would start licking up and down on their cocks. Sucking on their balls one at a time.

By the time I put them in my warm soft mouth they were almost ready to burst. I would make sure they felt the back of my throat with the tip of their dick as I sucked harder and harder. By now they have their hands on the back of my head pounding my face like it’s a cunt. I reach up and pull gently on their balls. Which causes his cum to flow quickly in my face and into my mouth.


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