I Can’t Hold in My Piss!

Pissing phone sex


I have to pee! Pull over! 

You’re my Uber driver and I start to get the urge to pee. As the ride has only 15 minutes left, I decide to hold it in. Soon, we head into some heavy traffic. No one is moving and I still need to piss badly. I beg you to pull over or take the next exit so I can piss on the side of the road. You tell me that the traffic will clear up soon and I shouldn’t leave the car. I believe you, my bladder still full of piss, making  me very uncomfortable. It also doesn’t help that I’m super pregnant and my womb is squeezing on my bladder. I squirm in my seat, bounce up and down and look around frantically for the traffic to clear up or a place you can exit. I am now begging for you to unlock the doors and let me out, but you refuse. I tell you I’m about to piss all over your seats and you tell me not to do that or you’ll charge me. I can barely hold it in. My pregnant bladder can’t hold on much longer. I’m going to piss on the seats! 

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