I can’t get enough ass to mouth!

anal sex whoreI swear sometimes I am just too filthy for some people but I can’t help it, I was born to be a nasty freak! Take ass to mouth for instance, a lot of girls act like they are too good to lick their own ass juice off of a guy’s cock but I fucking love it! Mmmm fuck my ass until it’s raw… or better yet, fuck my ass when it’s dirty as fuck and filled with shit, I want to lick chunks of shit off your dick. What can I say? I need it nasty! My friend Mike understands my needs, he came over last night and fucked me the way I like it best. He licked my asshole and got me all primed up before he shoved his giant cock inside my dirty asshole! I could feel the shit lubing me up as he fucked me, we were making a huge mess but I didn’t even care, it felt way too good to stop. I came so hard when he filled my ass with cum… and cleaning off that filthy shit covered dick was total bliss!

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