I Am A High Dollar Arm Piece

dirty phone sex

I sometimes work at one of those pay services. You know the ones, where the guy pays big bucks for some eye candy at his business dinner or convention. Of course, with the amount these dudes pay you know there is sex involved. I don’t care, I like sex and I like money, so this is a no brainer for me. Most times they even provide a credit card to make some additional purchases prior to. I love that. I pick out a sexy ass dress, nice shoes and bag. I get my hair and nails done and get my lady parts all nice and waxed. The dinners are usually boring, but I like to rub on my dates cock under the table. They love it and I can gage just how big a dessert I am going to get. Lol. After engaging in conversations with his friends or clients we excuse ourselves to a room. That is where the real fun begins. Lots of drinking from the mini bar. Lots of lines of coke. Lots of room service and lots of fucking. This night the guy was generous and wanted to please me too. I climbed right on top of him and we 69’d it. While I sucked his dick, he licked my clit and asshole furiously. He was great at it too. Brought me to orgasm so quickly. Then I turned around, handed him a little blue pill, a glass of champagne and went right back to sucking that dick. We spent the entire night fucking. He filled every hole I had full multiple times. I woke up the next morning to a sweet note and a wad of cash. I smiled as I dialed up some room service and filled the jacuzzi tub.

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