Hot Stripper Sex VIP Style

Hot Stripper Sex

Hot Stripper Phone Sex in the VIP room is always playful! I have been working my tight little body all night stripping! I have been working the VIP in the lounge because my coke habit is out of control! I just can’t get enough smack! I can tell you are getting all worked up thinking about licking the sweat off my tight little body! I am a nasty little fucking whore! I love even more to be man handled by strangers.
That’s when a regular asked me to do a private show and I eagerly agreed. I kept pressing him for details but he wouldn’t give me any. The day of the show I took special preparation not to be too fucked up! My customer had some fun taking some sexy photos on his bike in my bikini bottoms. We agreed when I got on stage that I would wear a lacy bra top with my nipples open. A nice ripped pair of jean shorts so that he could see my ass cheeks in the back did just fine!
When the music started I removed my top and shook my tits in his face. Rubbing my tits all over his face until he opened his mouth and sucked. I threw my head back and moaned as the second song began I did some nasty poses. I eased my shorts down revealing my bare pussy. In this pose my pussy lips slightly showed my pink little clit. Laying back on the floor I let him get a good look at my pussy and asshole. All I could think about was my throbbing clit and that sweet smack I was going to get after the show! Then in one move he was on stage with me! I began to gyrate my hips and unzip his pants! With one quick move I grabbed his cock and dipped it in my asshole! I really needed someone to fuck me hard back there! Now that I am done with his strip tease maybe you can come for the party! Bring the coke and rock hard cock when you swing by the club!

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