Hot stripper sex pays the bills

hot stripper sex

I’m always in the mood to make some extra coins, even if it means having to fuck a customer. I spent all my money on blow and was short. So immediately, it hit me that I’d have to give one of these lucky bastards some hot stripper sex with me.

It’s not that I don’t want to do it, but I enjoy it more if I’m high as a kite. Feeling my wet pussy fucked when I am under angel dust makes it much more enjoyable.

I chose the guy who signed up for the VIP room and made my way to him. It was clear I was going to suck him dry so I could get my high going.

As soon as I did my dance number, I got him rock hard and offered him a little rub and tug. I gave him my price, and he opted for more than a hand job. I will stock up on eight balls and pay my rent for a while.

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