Hookers for hire for the right price no protection.

Hookers for hire           Hookers for hire for the right price no protection. After all we are hookers and paid to not care. You take the chance as do we. You up the price is all it takes. The rest of the rules are there are no rules. No boundaries. Find us camped in a trailer court, mini houses along the streets, just to name a few. I am for hire. This hooker has heels and will come running.

          All it takes is the green of money. As shown above no panties are worn. Pull the cock out. Pick a hole. Take all the holes. Make it a party or one up it to a gangbang of cocks. All taking a hole. Double penetration is sure to tear me up. Up the ass, in the cunt, between the tits, down the throat making me gag the huge cock. One in each hand.

          Now that is a party for just one hooker. Lots of dough to be had. Go merry go round. Form a circle and go all the way around this White trash whore. Until you all finally cover me from head to toe in jizz.

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