Hookers for hire

hookers for hireToday started out as usual day for as a hookers for hire. I didn’t know the fun that I would have before the night was over. I went to my favorite hotel bar that is always a good place to meet new clients as a hooker for hire. The hotel bar has an outdoors patio. I notice a man who is sitting alone drinking with a sad look on his face. I walk over to him and start the conversation that I can provide him with a happy ending and chase the sadness away. He explained that he is always on the road for business, and he is very lonely.

I know that is a clue that he was looking to have a hooker for hire to do what he wants to do with her. He asked what I liked to drink, and he orders me a martini. You look at him with a smile and your thoughts are that he wanted to get me drunk so that he can take advantage of you. In my most innocent voice you ask would he like to take me to his room and have some fun. He starts to blush and says yes. We started in the hotel room to talk about what type of fun did he enjoy. He knows that I am a hooker for hire and asked how much to have me rock his world. Another fabulous and fun evening for us on the books.


    • Kent on February 25, 2022 at 11:36 pm
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    Deanna is so fucking hot! She will get you off good!

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