His Wife Left For The Weekend

dirty phone sexI have a hot ass neighbor with a very boring wife. How do I know this you might ask? Well, the walls are thin in this condo, and I get to hear their boring fifteen-minute vanilla sex weekly. That is right, I said weekly. Every Sunday night like clockwork, never during the week or any other time. I have watched as he eyed me in the hall and elevator, and I have always been curious as to what he was packing under his fancy suit. This morning I heard her tell him goodbye for the weekend as she went to her mothers. Perfect opportunity for me. I know he comes home around 7ish every night so about 6ish I walked over, grabbed the spare key under the mat and let my self in. How did I know about the spare key? Thin walls. Anyways, I took of my jacket and positioned my hot ass pantie and bra self on his couch and waited. I heard the door open and leaned my head back to great him. He stopped short as I got up and moved towards him. Not a word was said as I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him, whispering in his ear that my body was his for the weekend. I handed him a little blue pill and a glass of wine and told him to settle in, I had a hot ass weekend in store for him. Want to hear all the fun and dirty and kinky things I did to this man before leaving his condo smelling of sex and him exhausted?

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