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Dirty Phone Sex

I love to roll up a fatty and get high as fuck while talking dirty phone sex calls. It’s so fucking hot to me that my cunt gets extra drippy the more of that Mary Jane I toke down. I was lounging around last night when I got a crazy call you little clit lickers won’t believe! I ended up back down at the truck stop, and just as promised he was standing there beside his cab. Inside, he had this beautiful little immigrant girl. He said he was trying to help her, but I could see that big pregnant belly! He’d knocked her up, and now she wouldn’t let him touch her for fear of hurting the little bun in her oven. Oh well, more for me! We smoked up the whole cab with that sweet green high, and I bent over her lap like she was going to spank me. He came up behind me to slide his raw and raunchy cock deep inside my cunt, rubbing it up and down my slit. I could feel her little passenger kicking, and i could smell that she was getting wet so I reached down to play with her wet mommy pussy. She didn’t resist when it was me, and that’s when I realized the bitch was just a lesbian who fucked a dirty trucker cock to get into the country! What a smart bitch using her cunt!


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