He Mounts me and Howls

Hot Stripper SexIn my line of work, I often have guys who want to get together after hours for a little hot stripper sex. Of course, I expect them to pay for my time and they always do. My favorite is Sam, he is a hot older guy with a big fat checkbook. He is a little freaky but that is part of the appeal. I meet him at his house, and he fixes a nice dinner and we have lots of drinks and do a few lines of coke all while totally naked. Next, we take it to his fun room, where he puts goggles on my eyes and ties me on a bed covered with plastic. Then he gets his freak going. He wants me to open my mouth while he stands above me pissing. Some hits my mouth but most of it bounces off my face and pools on the plastic. When he is done with that he gets on all fours and starts licking his piss up with his tongue, like a little puppy. After he licks up all his piss off me, he unties me and lays on the bed. I hover over his mouth and squirt my warm piss directly into his mouth. His dick is throbbing by this time and once I am finished pissing, he puts me on all fours and mounts me wrapping his arms around my back like a dog does, thrusting his dick deep inside me while he howls. Once he has shot his load, he lays on his back where I rub his belly and tell him what a good boy he has been. Then when he gets hard again, we repeat the process including the howling over and over and over again until his little blue pill has worn off.

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