He is such a good boy!

Milo is the best sex I ever had! He takes directions well! The way he is licking my pussy…you would think I trained him to do this…. Oh yeah, I did! He was the cutes like puppy and was looking at me just begging for me to take him home. Our first night I introduced my finger coved in my juices to his lips and he attacked, biting and licking it all up, tail just wagging! I knew we would be best friends! Now a days he comes up to me press his face on my cunt begging me to let him have a taste. It has been a couple days since I gave the good boy his favorite treat. I am trying to cum up with any reason to give into my filthy desires. I find none good enough to stop me! I quickly undress and lay back. Before I can spread my legs, he is forcing his face between my legs, and he is licking my cunt like it’s the best thing he has ever tasted. His wet tongue massages my clit just right and I cum hard! He is such a good boy and doesn’t miss a beat! He just cleans it all up and goes back to eating! He is more intent on my pleasure because he knows one or two more cums like that one and I’m done! He gets to mount me and fuck me hard and fast until he nutts. I want him to bread me! I’m such a fucking nasty whore, I know. Say it loud for the people in the back. My dog fuck better that most men, and that’s a fact I think as I squirt again!Cum guzzling slut

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    • Fred on May 13, 2022 at 12:22 pm
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    A pussy that pretty needs to be explored and enjoyed thoroughly.

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