Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Toilet Day

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It’s almost Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays. You wanna know why? It’s National Toilet Day. That’s right, my poop loving friends. Stuff your gullet and shit it out. You know your big belly is way too full. Mine is too. Oh, my, I feel that urge coming on. Time to head for the potty for some scat dessert. Let me bend over right in front of your face. Look at my asshole. See how it strains to keep my load in. Oooh, a little fart just eased out and it smells like turkey. Bury your face and take a big whiff. Now watch it. Here it comes. Grrrrrrunt.
My puckered sphincter just lost control and here comes your slimy, smelly shit sausage. Open wide, lover, and let it flow into your mouth. Swallow now. Good boy. Now, bury your hard cock right into my shit chute and fuck it hard. Feel the turds lubricate you as you slide back and forth in my gritty gravy. Yeah, I feel you quivering and know you want to spray my bowels with a big load of jizz. Don’t forget though, that you are just human toilet tissue to me and you must clean up all of the delicious brown snot.
Happy Thanksgiving and don’t forget that extra pie. Next time I get to eat the leftovers.

toilet sex

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