Happy Holidays Daddy

dirty phone sexHappy Holidays babe. What do you want Santa to leave you under the tree? How about a hot slut for you to unwrap? That is exactly what my hot sugar daddy got. He texted he was on his way over and I know how hard he has been working lately so I decided to give him an early present. He walked in and I was standing by the tree looking hot in my bra and panties. He smiled as he walked over.

I took him by his tie and led him to the chair. Sat him down, unzipped his pants and pulled out his big beast. Spit on the head and took him deep down my throat. I sucked every last drop from his balls and while I kissed him, I stroked him hard again and then daddy got to unwrapping his pretty little baby doll. Removing my bra and pulling my panties off. Laying me back and devouring my juicy wet bald cunt before pulling me on top of him. I rode his big thick cock while he squeezed my tits. Then on all fours I looked back at him as my ass started to gape as he pushed his thick mushroom head inside of me.

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