Happy Ending Massage By Dirty Massage Therapist

Cum Guzzling Slut


I am a massage therapist giving you a nice massage after a long day. I look under your towel and I see your cock. My boss would fire me if she knew what I was thinking. I move my hands down closer and closer to your cock. I can see you get hard under the towel. I can’t resist. I slide my hands from my stomach to your cock and start jerking it. You are startled but you relax as I continue making you feel so good. I love moving my hand up and down your cock, feeling you get harder inside my hand. I use my other hand on your cock, one hand stroking your cock while the other rubs your tip. Precum is dripping from your cock and I use that for lube. I stroke faster and faster, rubbing your tip and playing with your cock. Your cock can’t take it anymore and you cum into my mouth. You put on your clothes and tell my manager that I got all your stress out and that you would love to come again. Next appointment, I’ll make sure that you do.

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