Growing Up Blossom!

I’ve been thinking about the days when was a runaway teen whore! I fucked for money and a warm place to sleep all because my mom was out being a porn actress and a part-time junkie. Things haven’t always been as good as they are now for me, growing up in my trailer park was rough. My mom was always working and I got in trouble a lot at school for being a bad girl who stole, drank and had sex. I had to learn to take care of myself and as a girl my pussy was the only thing of value I had in the world. It all started when a group of boys asked me to suck their cocks, I was so hungry I said yes if they would pay me. I had never sucked a cock before so I just licked and licked their little dicks until my tongue was covered in their cum. After that I started wondering what else I could do for money!
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It wasn’t long before I was inviting boys over to my trailer after school and letting them fuck my holes for a few twenties. When my mom caught me having a teen orgy for money she kicked me out and took all I had earned leaving me with nowhere to go. I took to the road by hitchhiking and let anyone pick me up and do what they wanted with me. Often, men just wanted to fuck my mouth or use my asshole like a cum dumpster, sometimes they just wanted to make me cry. I’d be starving with a cunt full of cum and my feet aching from walking all the time when a lonely stranger would come and offer me a place to sleep or a meal. I had no choice but to spread my legs and let them fuck my sloppy wet pussy and my filthy ass until they were satisfied. Secretly I enjoyed the feeling of being used and being away from my mom was the best! Growing up Blossom sure was a wild ride!

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