You threw the wad of cash on the floor, and started taking off your clothes. You must be nearly three times my age and I felt like I was about to fuck my grandpa. But this is what I had to do to get my dope, and so this is how I was going to spend the next two hours. Your old man hands began ripping off my clothes and I kept crawling away from you and teasing you the best I could. I didn’t want to suck that old cock, but I knew you were going to make me.

cum guzzling slut sybil
Finally you had everything off me but my shoes, and to my delight, you drove your face down between my legs. You ate my pussy like you had been starving for it – and maybe you had? Your tongue felt just as good as a guy my age – actually probably better. I laid back and watched your gray hair move around while you licked and sucked my tiny clit to orgasm. This was turning out to be so much more than I had hoped.

You finally got your fill of my sweet little cunt, and pulled yourself up on top of my tiny body. Your big belly was nearly crushing me and I could imagine how tiny and young I looked beneath your whole body. Your chest hair was scratching me and turning my tiny breasts red, as you grunted and fucked my tight teen cunt with your throbbing cock. I was amazed at your ability to fuck me like a champ and I came again, despite myself, all over you. I guess fucking guys that look like my grandpa isn’t such a bad way to get what this little teen slut needs.

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