Good Dick

Druggy phone sexChico has the best drugs, so when he asked me to come to his place I was in my car before we hung up. I knew what he wanted, he craves me like I crave his drugs. My cunt fits his cock like a glove. The more excited I became the faster I drove. When I finally arrived, he had a mountain of coke on the coffee table. I walked towards it but he gripped my arm stopping me. His teenage son was a virgin and Chico wanted to change that. I walked towards his son’s bedroom peeling my clothes off along the way. The boy was playing video games, he didn’t even notice me standing in his doorway completely naked. I stood in front of the tv and his jaw dropped. He was so cute, this was going to be fun. I pushed him onto his back and pull his hard cock from his shorts. I stroked him while kissing his soft lips. He flipped us over and sucked on my hard nipples. This boy was no virgin, I could tell by the way he spread my thighs apart and put his face between my legs. He sucked on my clit until I begged for him to stop. He flipped me again onto my hands and knees and entered me from behind. It felt so good, I was lost in ecstasy. He pumped my cunt with hard cock until we came simultaneously. I think I’ve fallen in love, good dick does that to me.

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