Going Both Ways is Good


No taboo phone sex

I like to put on my strap-on and fuck my boyfriend like I’m a fucking crazy pornstar. My boyfriend loves to wear my panties, so I dress him up. I love to put lipstick and makeup on my boyfriend and take him out to clubs. Sometimes I need help, so I get my girlfriend’s to help me penetrate him. My boyfriend is a sissy faggot motherfucker, and I couldn’t ask for anything better he has big gorgeous blue eyes and long curly strawberry blonde hair. My boyfriend’s ass is super tight, and it’s so fucking sexy and a pair of panties that it would turn any guy on. I like to go bar hopping with my boyfriend and my girlfriends because they tell him to do the fucked-up things that I forget to think about sometimes because I’m so excited. If you had a boyfriend like mine, your cunt would stay wet all the time because my cum guzzling cunt is always soaking wet. The best part of my boyfriend is that he doesn’t have a tiny little dick; no, his dick is big; it’s 11 inches. I make my boyfriend fuck my girlfriend’s right in front of my face while I take pictures so that I can sell them. Guys seem to love looking at my boyfriend’s cock; it’s so huge and veiny with that big fat head it makes me so horny. I wouldn’t leave my boyfriend for anything in the world because he is the best of both worlds; he can take a cock, and he can fuck a cunt better than anyone I’ve ever met. My boyfriend is my personal Sissy, so I get to play with him and have fun with him; however, I want to. He loves to be submissive for me; he lets me be the dominant queen that I truly am. I also love the way my boyfriend sucks my asshole out he sticks his tongue so deep into my ass it penetrates my soul. When I suck his cock, and he eats my cunt, we swallow each other’s juices and smile while we lick our lips. I’ve got the best boyfriend, and I’ll share him with you.



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