Ghost Fuck On Halloween!

Cheap Phone Sex

I’m really excited to go out for Halloween this year, I’m going to trick-or-treat and flash my titties for cash at the strip club! On Halloween at my bar all of us strippers and staff have to wear slutty costume while we work our shift. My little costume got me in some serious trouble this year, I went to the back for another bottle of rum, while I was bent over a keg someone walked right up behind me and started fingering me through my fishnets. I tried to look behind me but I was met with a blindfold. The stranger finger fucked my cunt until I was moaning into his hand, I was about to squirt when he pushed his fat dick head inside me. I screamed because it was a huge cock, I felt my insides being rearranged as he rammed me and muffled my screams. He came inside me and removed the blindfold, somehow managing to get back out the door before I could see him. I was left there with a cum filled cunt, stunned and wondering if I just got fucked by a ghost.

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    • Jinn on June 26, 2022 at 7:55 pm
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    I’ll ghost you after we fuck lol

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