Getting Fucked In Your Mom’s Van

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Your mom let you take her car today and you couldn’t think of anything else to do besides go to the truck stop and pick up a whore. I look like fun and we start chatting about what you want. You ask me to get in the van and you pull the car over to the side of the parking lot. It’s super hot outside so you just roll the windows down and we climb into the back. You grab the back of my head and make me suck your big dick off. I can’t help but notice your mom’s bible and church bag in the seat beside us- I wonder if she knows her son is such a whore-lover? You then pull me on top of you and make me ride you facing out so I can see all the people watching me get my nasty pussy banged out. You pull my panties to the side and ride the shit out of me. I am gripping on to anything I can to hold on because I am getting rode so hard by your cock. You start cumming inside me even though I am begging you not to. After you kick me out of the car quickly, throwing the cash we agreed on into my face. Before you pull off you just tell me to be here later. I’m waiting for you now, dirty boy!

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