Furry Love For Drugs

Furry friends phone sexI ran out of nose candy this morning. I searched all of my stash spots and found nothing. I didn’t have any money. And all of my usual dealers were out of drugs because they all had the same connection. But I knew one dealer, Dallas, outside of the city that always had good drugs, but he was so freaky. He had a very dirty, filthy mind. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a nasty bitch and I love to get freaky but Dallas loved to demean me. I didn’t have a choice my addiction controls me, I drove to Dallas’s house.
When I got to his place, he answered the door with a wicked smile. He let me do a small bump of cocaine just to show me that it was a high-grade product. He called his large furry friend into the room and I knew what he was going to make me do to get the cocaine. I took my panties off and sat back on the sofa. Dallas went into the kitchen and came back with a jar of peanut butter. He put two fingers in the jar and spread a huge lump of peanut butter on my pussy. His furry friend rushed over and licked frantically between my legs. I felt so ashamed because it felt good and I couldn’t suppress my moans. My hip started bucking back and forth and my legs kept spreading wider and wider. Dallas took his pants off and his dick was rock hard. He put one foot on the sofa, putting his cock right in my face. I grabbed it in my hands and started sucking like my life depended on giving a great blowjob. My orgasm was building and it was going to be a big one. The furry friend was licking me so fast. I let out a loud scream as pleasure rushed through my body. Dallas was so turned on by my orgasm that he shot his load all over my face. I left with enough coke to last for a week.

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