Furry Friends Luv Peanut Butter




Anal Sex Whore

When I get really high on tina, I get these crazy urges to just get totally pounded out by cock.
Tonight no one interesting was on Tinder and my regular booty calls weren’t hitting me up but then my
roommate’s fuzzy K9 caught my eye. I’ve noticed his huge red rocket always sticking out when he was around me
and I was so geeked up on the crystal meth I figured you know what, what better time than now to try out some
yummy beastly dick. I went to the kitchen and grabbed the jar of peanut butter. Sitting back on the sofa with my
legs spread, I smeared the peanut butter across my inner thighs and pussy. I didn’t even have to call the K9 over,
the big boy just walked over with his tongue hanging out, similar to the way the men look at me at the club.
Lapping and licking it all up, I was soaking went- I couldn’t help myself and pushed it’s head into my cunt further
whispering not to use it’s teeth. I turned around with my knees on the seat of the sofa and ass in the air,
opening my cheeks up so it could lick the little bit of peanut butter out of my asshole too. That’s when it mounted me
and started humping. I was screaming, I had no idea it’s dick was going to be that big or hurt that much. It began biting my back
while I was massaging my clit. Finally it let out a huge load of it’s own nut butter inside my filthy pussy just as I
was reaching my own climax on it’s yummy red rocket. Now that I know old fuzzy is obviously trained in the ways of
please, I may not even need you guys anymore. lol 😉

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