Fun by all

orgy phone sex

Who is in for some orgy phone sex? I mean some good, hard, dirty multi-person sex. I love having multiple cocks filling my holes at the same time. Of course I am also partial to licking and finger fucking a wet snatch as well. The moans and groans when I am in a room with others just enjoying the carnal ability to fuck and suck anyone we want is music to my ears. I will crawl up to another couple fucking and start licking her clit, suck his balls or bury my face into his asshole. I love to hear the sounds of slapping, sucking and screaming. Sucking a cock to hardness and tasting someone else’s pussy already on there. Licking a cunt that has just been filled with cum, cleaning out an asshole that was just fucked. I don’t care if it is a man or woman I am into pleasure both giving and receiving. I have been known to bring my strap-ons and give some pleasure of my own if we are a man or two short but most of the time we have enough cock to fill us all. My birthday is cumming up and my friends have been hinting towards a fun all-nighter and I am hoping that it includes some drinking, dancing and fucking! Who wants to join the guest list?

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