Fun At Work!

Anal Sex WhoreTeasing is the best part of my job. I see these guys looking at me in my outfit that is way too sexy for work. They notice my boobs hanging out and my ass hanging from my dress and they don’t come here just locking for books. I always pick one every day that I know isn’t there to read and I give him the show he wants. I sit at my desk and rub my tits, lick my lips, and flash under my dress, where they see I have no panties. This helps me get through a boring day and helps me always find new dick to fuck at night. If when I see his cock and it’s big enough, some guy is going to be lucky enough to get to taste what they see that night. And after getting teased in that library they always fuck the shit out of me. There cock are always rock solid and they cover me in their cum just like I love. I love watching them cum just as they love watching me play with me. And that is why I tease them, so I can keep fuck partners.

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