Fuck My Bloody Cunny!

Period Phone Sex

During my period I love feeling a hot hard cock slide into my bloody cunt! I’ve always had a rough time during my time of the month, my period comes and I’m so horny and hot, ready for a good fucking by a big dick of any kind. Luckily my fuck buddy from the trailer park is a kinky hot stud with a 10 inch rock hard cock. When he slides his rod into my bloody pussy I cum instantly, I’m so sensitive and have been longing for the perfect sensation of being pierced with something hard! Once he is inside me he feels my wet slippery walls so warm with blood and my natural creaminess, he pounds me while his hands grip my hips tightly. When he slams into me I feel my whole uterus clench in excitement, my bloody gash pulsating around his thickness. I cum again and again milking his cock with my eyes rolling into my head, I feel his cock pump a load of hot cum into me and I squirt all over him making an even bigger mess. We lay in bed covered in blood, sweat and cum and I know in my little slutty heart it’s the best time of the month for a bloody hard fucking!

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