fuck me silly!

fisting whore

I enjoy being a fisting whore for my dealer while I pimp out my sister. I have gotten the hang of making the men who supply me with drugs give me even more. There is so much coke that I need I can never get enough. I’m quite the junky, and I enjoy being one. Whenever I get a coke, I am usually always so excited I begin to go down a spiral I can’t snap myself out of and don’t want to. Quite frankly,

drugs do rule everything for me. I’m indeed happy to pimp out the girls in my family to get lost in drug domes. During the festival, this weekend was able to make my sister my molly trade-in, and I was tripping out in the best ways, letting the guys fuck me silly.

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    • Nat on April 20, 2022 at 1:08 pm
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    Let’s do some blow and tell kinky stories. I’m down to party.

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