Fuck it

druggy pornHad an awesome fucking party last night (Or, I think it was last night?) I was the entertainment, these guys cut up rails n snorted them off of my ass, over top of my pussy, and took blows off my nipple. We all got spun as fuck and they destroyed every hole I had. I couldn’t tell where one dick ended and another one began! I was covered in cum, sweat, piss, and I don’t know what all else, before it was all over. They shoved an 8 ball of dope up my ass and used their cocks to fuck it till it exploded in my gaping asshole and hit me like a freight train.

I love being a dirty little cum whore. That’s all my fuck holes are for, to receive your cum, drink your piss, face fuck me while you choke the life out of me. Cum on my turning purple face, baby. I fucking love it! Invite all your friends over and tell me to milk their cocks. Have me stick my tongue up your asses, fart in my face, I don’t fucking care. Cause I’m your personal cum dumpster fucking whore, and that’s all I wanna be! I know the prudes back home are just great for cooking, cleaning, and being nasty nagging cunts, but my job is to give you everything those bitches won’t.

Cum tell me your nastiest fantasy, baby, and we’ll make it happen.

Fukk you soon, baby!

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