For Your Entertainment

dirty phone sexHalloween party you say. I was all in and excited. Dressed as a slutty inmate and headed your way. I walked in and it was rocking. Blow and pot and x filled the tables and an endless supply of alcohol. The thing I did notice was it was all male, except for me. Like a sausage fest happening. A normal girl might be taken back but my horny neglected pussy was thinking of only one thing. This would be a perfect night for a hot ass gangbang. You are a little nerdy but hot as hell and as I looked around, I noticed a trend. These friends of yours don’t look like they see a lot of action and I got even a little more excited.

Excited you ask? Why yes, that means their balls are full and they are horny. I made my way over to you and told you this was an awesome party; it was just missing one thing. You inquired. I leaned in closer and told you that the entertainment was lacking. You seemed confused. I quietly removed my Halloween costume and stood in only a lace bra and matching panties and smiled. The room went silent, and many pants started to bulge. If you were there, what would you do with me first?

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