Fist Fuck Festivities

Gangbang whore

Being fisted fucking hurts!  For a few minutes that is, then you get accustomed to it.  When the person who does it doesn’t give you any warning that is a whole other story.  I was with this guy I met on Tinder, because we all know that Tinder is just for hooking up, and if you don’t and you are trying to find the love of your life on it, then boy are you in for a huge surprise.  

His name was Calvin, or Damion, or Cameron, his name isn’t important.  What is important is that we were fucking.  The dude really knew his stuff.  He went from being all tender to being a fuck monster off and on all night.  He had just fucked me in the ass and I was reaching for my water bottle so that I could rehydrate, when I felt all four of his fingers try to slip into my ass.  He pushed so fucking hard.  I actually lost my breath for a second.  I turned my head around and told him that he wanted to do that he would have to wait a few minutes.  He took his fingers back out, slapped my ass then laid down next to me.  

I asked him what the hell that was all about, because I would of done anything he wanted, he didn’t have to surprise me like that.  He said he was sorry, but he always wanted to try fisting someone and was caught up in all the sex, so he thought he would go for it. He said nobody would ever let him try, I told him no wonder if that is how you go about it, just flip someone over and bang your fist into their ass, they might just get a little upset.

I told him that he would need lube and then he would need to listen to my instructions because if he did that again I was going to chew his dick off.  He left to go get some as I waited.  When he got back he was already hard.  He stripped, then got on the bed with the lube.  I got on all fours again and told him to first, lube up my ass, and go slow.  After I was relaxed, I told him to lube up his hand.  I had him go slow, first fingers, then tuck in the thumb, press in, slowly pull his fingers toward the palm of his hand, then let his thumb out, then push with steady pressure.  He came right away.  We tried again after about thirty minutes, this time he lasted for a longer time.   We did it a few more times and I have to say he really enjoyed himself. I might have to try to find him again, I gave him my number but it really wasn’t my number, it was a made up one.

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