First Night At My New Job

I got a call from one of the families that hired me to babysit for them when they wanted to have “Date Night” they told me they will not be home until after midnight. When I arrived at the home they were still getting ready to leave. They were both dressed so nice and the smell coming from both of them told me they were going somewhere fancy. The husband was so fucking hot I wanted to rip his pants off and make him feed me his cock. I had to play it cool though, I did not want to mess things up already and not get my prize of a used cock slamming into my pussy and throat. I could see the husband looking in my direction.Freaky phone sex If I did not know any better I would say he wanted to do the exact same thing. I looked him directly in his eyes then looked down at his cock, he took a deep breath in knowing he could have my Cum dumpster pussy whenever he was ready for it. They finished getting ready and told me if there were any problems to give them a call. The wife headed out the door first, the husband told the wife he would be there in a second. He ran upstairs, once he came back down, he had a little paper folded in his hand. He walked over to me and dropped the paper right next to me. He quickly left out the front door, once he was gone I picked up the note that read: Good things come to those who wait. Be patient and you will get what you desire. My slut cunt instantly got wet for him and I knew he was going to be worth the wait.

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