Fetish fuck play be free

Scat phone sex AuroraI find it difficult to express just how much I am sick of hearing about how no one has a fetish. I am a fucking nasty dirty whore and I know what I like. There is no shame in my game and I am honest with it. I have been with so many men and I know  all of them have a dirty fucking little secret. Some like fucking eating shit, pissing on you, some wanna be fucked with a big black cock, some want to have you dress them up like a little whore and some want to fuck a family member. I do not judge, I like it all. My personal favorite is scat play. I like playing with shit and I love the smell of it too. I know who I am and what I like. You want to know why I am fun, because I do not judge, have no taboos and I will bring your fetish to life because I am a nasty little whore who loves to fucking play!

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