Eating Shit is my fav

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 I swear some of the food at my job taste just like shit. I have eaten shit before, straight out of someones asshole and my lunch today during my break was fucking crap. I would have better luck going outside to find the stinkiest, smelliest fattest mother fucker I could and his asshole would taste better than my lunch. I could have him drop his drawers, put my tongue on his chode and lick from ball sack to the end of his ass crack, getting all that sweaty ball cheese and stuff, chew it up and I know I would like it more. I want to open my mouth wide while some one drops a juicy terd into the back of my throat. You know what, that is exactly what I am going to go do, because I want a lunch I will actually enjoy eating. I know someone around here needs to take a shit, and I am hungry.

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