Don’t Speak

dirty phone sex


So, I meet you at the pool bar, dressed in a sexy black string bikini. You buy me drinks and shots and we play a little pool. As the night goes on you start touching my shoulder or stroking my hair. I play along because I realize you like to think you are setting up the hookup. When it is last call, you ask if I would like to go back to your place for an after-hours drink and some food. I hesitate but then agree. I can see you are pleased with yourself and we walk in and you pour a drink. I excuse myself to the bathroom and when I return, I am completely naked. I look you in the eye and tell you to come, please me. You just look and I say it again, just louder. When you get to me, I lay on the couch spread my legs and push your face into my juicy bald pussy, holding it there, grinding my pussy on your face. I don’t let you up until I have squirted all over your face. You start to speak, and I cover your mouth and start undressing you. I lay you down and slowly lower myself on your hard dick. I put your hands on my tits, guiding your fingers to squeeze my nipples. I then ride you, still not allowing you to speak. I continue fucking you all night, never allowing you to talk. After I am done with you, I clean up, smile and leave, kissing you on the forehead as I see myself out.

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