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I was at my mother’s barbecue event with her stuffy ass bitch friends who love to talk shit about me. I kept thinking to myself if these bitches go too far with me I am going to turn the world upside down for them. My mother’s friend Karen the stuffiest bitch of them all makes my ass hurt she is always saying stupid shit like, you should change your life little missy you’re too much of a disrespectful slut you’re nothing like your mother. Then her dumbass friend Catherine chimes in to tell me how I need to change my fucking life will guess what bitch if one more person says one more thing to me I’m going to change my life all right all over your husbands Cocks. All of a sudden Susan starts to say something before she could finish I told her to shut the fuck up.

Look here you little old bitches I am about to fuck your husbands and I know they want to fuck me because they’re all looking at me out of nowhere I decided to strip myself of all my clothes then I said come and get me married men only and guess what it was a night to remember well a day that turned into a night to remember if you want to find out everything about what happened call me and I will be glad to tell you. Get ready for the whore of your dreams to make you cum all over yourself over and over again

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