Dirty Panties

phone sex line You didn’t hear me come in. You are so in to what you are doing that you don’t even notice me standing there watching you. My hands have long since found their way to my wet pussy as I watch you sitting on the floor of the bathroom. The dirty clothes hamper is empty and dirty clothes are surrounding you, covering the floor. A pair of my dirty panties is in your hands. Your holding them up to your face, inhaling the fragrance of my musky cunt juice. You moan as you stick your tongue our and lick the dried up juices trying to reconstitute them. Your dick is rock hard and dripping pr-cum as you grind your ass into the floor a dildo shoved deep inside of you. Your fucking yourself and daydreaming about me. How many times have you done this that I don’t know about? How often do you slip into my bathroom and worship my dirty panties all alone? I am so tempted to let you know I am there and put my wet cunt on your face. Instead I turn and walk away, leaving you to your fantasies until another day.

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