Defecation Dedication

Scat phone sex

Will you let me be your human toilet? Ill get down real nice and low on the ground and curl my arms around my knees as I pull them to my chest. You’ll hover over my arms and release a big fat, steamy shit all over my abdomen and pussy. I’ll be your good little sexy girl as long as you promise to drop a fat load of poop on me after you fuck my tight little bald pussy. I want you so badly baby! Mm, I’m squirming with excitement at the mere mention of being defecated upon. I know how badly you want to piss on me baby. Lets just get it over with already! No one has to know about our little fun session big boy, just between you and I. Remember, there is no such thing as “too taboo” with a nasty fucking slut like me. I’ll fuck you just right then let you smear all of your shit on my naked body just for you to admire.

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