Dancing with the whores is now live on a dance floor near you!

Cum dumpsterYou’re standing at attention for me, and you got my attention baby! The tent that is now the front of your pants lets me know your huge cock is rock hard, just like I like it! I can’t wait and have to have you now! I rush across the dance floor crashing into you rock hard chest, you cock pokes my stomach. I start grinding on you in rhythm to the beat of the music, winding and grinding my hips mimicking me riding your cock. You run you hands up the back of my short mini skirt resting you hand on my bare ass. I never wear underwear on nights out like this, just gets in the way! You spin me around you arm around my waist pressing me back against you tight. I feel you unbuckle your pants and you slid your cock in without missing a beat I cry out in ecstasy as you force through my dripping wet pussy. You fucked me hard right there on the dance floor surrounded closely by all these strangers! Oh My God! This is so fucking good! You’re filling my tight cunt to the brim, balls deep and thrusting hard to the beat. You have done this before, I can tell! Dancing with the whores is now live on a dance floor near you! Your huge cock is hitting my walls just right, and I love that we are putting on a show! I always preform best with a live audience, and baby I’m gearing up for my monologue. I cry our loud, “Yes, yes, oh my God! Yeeees!” as I throw my head back and my juices ooze down your balls. You feel my walls clamp tight on your cock and then pulsate almost to the beat of the music. Fill up my cunt baby! Make me your cum whore right here, right now, on this dance floor! Use me and show me what I’m good for and fill me with your seed!” As if you heard my thoughts, you complied, breeding me right there like the whore I am! Good thing I’m already pregnant with an appointment to take care of that!!!!!!! But who wants to think of that?! Right now, I’m just enjoying the after glow of this dance floor quickie!

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