Daddy Likes To Watch

dirty phone sexDaddy likes to watch. I am his little sugar baby, but he knows I have needs. He has to work so he can afford to keep me in this hot ass penthouse and fully supplied with all the coke and meth a slut like myself needs. Today he left early, and I woke up horny. I spread my legs and started rubbing my pussy as I bent over to do a line. I yelled at Suri to facetime daddy and as he picked up, I could see he was already in his office.

Look baby I told him as I turned the phone to my soaking wet pussy. Baby is needing to fuck, like a hot coke whore babe. He smiled and told me he had already sent the driver to pick me up some hot ass men to satisfy my needs. Right on cue the door opened and in walked the dealer and his son. My legs spread, daddy on facetime and a huge line in front of me. They were unbuckling their pants as they made their way to me and daddy’s bed. Their cocks already hard as you had me move the phone on the dresser so you could watch as they pushed their big thick rock-hard cocks inside my wet horny cunt.

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