Cum To Me Baby

dirty phone sexIt is Sunday and the workweek is creeping upon you. What better way to prepare that to relax, party and get off with a dirty slut like me? It is dark and the fam is asleep, and you are restless, you definitely need a release. Built up frustration from the endless amounts of errands, chores and fam time finally gotten to you? I am here baby, wet, and horny and ready to take you into the new week feeling much better. I invite you over and am waiting for you on the bed. Sexy lingerie barely covering my big tits and juicy wet pussy. You walk into my room, and I can see that you are already excited. Your pants in that tell tale teepee that I so desire.

Come to me baby, get your clothes off love. You stand before me, and I reach for your cock. Sucking and jerking as your hands go under my bra and squeeze my big tits. As I continue to blow you you reach your hands under my panties and feel my wet smooth bunt. A finger slips in and I moan. You remove your dick and join me on the bed. Hold up the tray and we both do a line. We lay back and I continue stroking you as you finger my cunt. I then climb on top of you and slowly slide down you big thick wet cock. I start to ride you and whisper, babe the fun has only begun. You smile as your finger enters my tight asshole.

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