Cum Stained Blackmail

Live Phone SexI was in need of a little extra money so I took a side job for a bachelor party. You know the kind….jump out of a cake….do a few lap dances….tease the groom.

Imagine my surprise when I jumped out of the cake and saw that the groom was the exact same guy I had been fucking for a month!

I am a professional so I continued to perform as agreed but I directed my attention to every other guy in the room instead of him.

I made sure he watched as I ground my ass into the lap of every man there.

I wanted to piss him off so when I felt one guy getting hard between my cheeks, I reached between my legs and unzipped his pants and started stroking his cock as it stood pressed against my pussy!

I was using his cock as my own personal sex toy!

But my plan was not working. Instead of getting mad or jealous, he was getting hard! So I guided the strangers pecker into my slippery cunt and ground down on  him. I was bouncing up and down on his throbbing cock like it was a ride at the fair!

Then the groom came over and told me to turn around so he could give me what he knew I wanted!

Hell no! I had fucked him just yesterday before I knew he was getting married to some other bitch! He already got it for free from me for the last month, he was going to have to pay for it tonight!

He was begging me to fuck him one last time! I told him that I would on one condition….He would have to wear my cum stained panties all day tomorrow while getting married!

Of course he said no so I continued milking my strangers cock with a smile on my face.

The groom gave in and agreed to wear my panties while getting married! So I turned around and with my friendly strangers cock stuffing my cunt, the cheating groom rammed his meat into my tiny little rosebud ass!

The extra cock made it a tight fit for everyone as my fuck holes squeezed each of there throbbing fuck sticks to the point of explosion!

When he was done, I told him the bride would be the first to know about this if I found out he didn’t honor our agreement!

I showed up at the reception and cornered the groom when no one was looking. He unzipped his trousers and showed me his cock bulging from the crusty cum stained panties.

It makes me smile knowing that their first fuck as man and wife is going to be with his cock smelling like me!

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