Cum Dumpster 4 Life

Cum dumpsterLast night there was a jack off party in my honor. The party guests were all men with ball sacks full of semen. When I walked into the party I was given a standing ovation. All that male attention had my pussy so wet. I laid down on the floor, spread my legs, and started playing with my pussy. The men stood around my body and started jacking off over me. There were big cocks, little cocks, thick cocks, thin cocks, curved cocks, circumcised and uncircumcised cocks above me all ready to explode. The anticipation was maddening waiting for those cocks to pop. Then it happened, someone started a countdown from 10 and then they all came. They covered my body with warm thick jizz. It was everywhere and I loved it. That warm salty taste in my mouth was so delicious. You could go to the most expensive spa and they won’t get your skin as soft as semen. I’m a cum dumpster and proud of it.

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