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I was begging for another chance my old man caught me cheating on him. I found out that he liked it though he had been watching me for about 2 months. He loved it, it made his dick hard watching another man fucking me that’s what my boyfriend said. My boyfriend found out I was a freak too, a super duper fucking sex addict who had it hard for the cuckold in the relationship. I didn’t know it, but he was watching he put a video camera inside our bedroom when my man left the house he would go to his office and watch me all the time. I was so surprised about that, I had no idea what he was doing. I wowed that my lover is a sex maniac who likes to watch me get it now, so I’m in love with him. I want my boyfriend to fuck me hard and make me feel it in my wet hot pussy. I like him so much he’s got a big dick but he doesn’t like to fuck me with it I found out some time ago that he is just turned on by watching me get drilled. I let him watch me he sees me get banged in my asshole like a fucking skank. He likes to be the maniac peeping Tom, my boyfriend is around the full cum guzzling sex acts, he loves it I love it. When I get fucked by three guys, and he’s watching jacking his cock off it makes my pussy scream. He says I look gorgeous taking cock he can’t help himself but to get weak when he watches me. I like it though because I want to cheat all the time and be a whore I’m such an evil bitch. I can’t wait until tonight when I can get fucked so good like a tramp in an alleyway. I Cry when the cocks are enormous like 12in they make me clench all of my cunt muscles and get so tight as my boyfriend loves it, he says they fuck the best. I love my boyfriend even though people might just think that we’re weird. I don’t care what people think they can believe what they want because I enjoy my boyfriend and he enjoys me. My boyfriend is fantastic, and he thinks I’m the greatest together where the power couple of sex.

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