Crack Whores

Live phone sexLive phone sexHadley is a young crack ho who lives two trailers down from me. She is twenty years younger than me and just getting into the game. I make sure I look out for her and let her know what is what. Her Ex-boyfriend got her into the crack scene and now she is hooked on the glass dick. About five months ago she came to me begging me for some crack. I had a little bit to share with her. Everybody knows I am a crack whore and Hadley asked me for my help to become one. I was totally on board! Any idea that gets me more crack I am all down for. Hadley is a young hot piece of fuck meat and we are going to get a lot of crack for her ass. Especially being new to the fucking game. She is not a washed up whore yet. I got four guys over to my trailer quick and she fucked them all like a fucking pro. That was months ago now you would think she has been in the game for years. It is great to have another crack whore to play with.

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