Crack Hoe

Gangbang whoreI had a crack gangbang today. that is when one of my many dealers comes over with a friend or 2 and plenty of crack to go around. Once I get that needle in my arm and the crack thru my veins I am ready to fuck. Crack is an aphrodisiac for me. Crack makes my cunt soaking sloppy wet. I actually crave cock I crave for my fuck holes to be filled. I was a slobbering, sloppy, drooling mess. I could not get their fuck sticks in my holes quick enough. We fucked for hours only stopping for a few minutes to stick that needle in our arms. My cunt was too wet to stop for more than a few moments. Having the reputation of being a crack hoe works out well for me. I can’t remember the last time I went a day without crack or cock.

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