Calling All Cum Dumpster Sluts: Tornado Warnings Turned Freaky.

Cum DumpsterIt’s been storming like crazy here, so Daddy said all good little cum dumpster sluts need to head to the basement. I wasn’t really expecting the surprise I was going to get as soon as I stepped foot into the basement. You see we were never allowed into Daddy’s “Man Cave” he would often have his friends come over and they would all quickly disappear into the unknown abyss. The moment I looked up, the light flickering on to illuminate all of the obscene objects around the room. There were cages, and chains hanging from the ceiling. My mommy was actually strung up in the back corner, her ass red from what I assumed to be a lashing. Her feet and thighs just barely resting on the ground as she moaned in horror.

“I Thought we agreed you wouldn’t bring them down here!” she cried out. I could hear my Daddy scoffing behind me, as I stepped behind him. I could tell it was quite the uncomfortable situation. Clearly Mommy had no real control in the situation though. Her face said it all as she hung her head, Daddy motioned to the cages and put me in the little one closest to the  stairwell. I could tell that I just entered the Demons lair. My body started to tremble in fear, I was so scared.

Later that night the whole situation changed when Daddy’s friends showed up. They all poked and prodded through the bars of the cage. I could hear them talking in hushed tones about what they wanted to do with me. The vulgar things they were saying made me really really scared but super freaking horny at the same time. I’d love to share all the naughty details with you…


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