Bus Ride Troubles

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I never really go into the city. I love being in the country where I belong. Everything moves at a much slower pace which gets me into trouble but I love it. But the one time I go into the city with some girlfriends I get into some real trouble. I got really drunk and had no clue where I was. My friends must have lost me because I wondered into the ghetto where I found a really tall sexy guy. He seemed really nice and told me he would take me where I needed to go on the public bus. I thought it was a public bus so what trouble could I get into. Then he started fondling my tits through my sheer shirt right in front of everyone on the bus! The boys just started egging him on. That’s when the bus driver stopped the bus and started drilling his cock into me. He said he wouldn’t let me off until I made every guy on the bus cum…twice.

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