Blossom Calls A Lyft

Drunk Sex PornSometimes I let random guys fuck my holes for fun! Not all the days I work at the bar are interesting, some days I really just am waiting for something to happen to me! The bar was slow today and then strippers were all begging to go home early because of how little money was being spent. On nights like this there are only a few barflies to serve and the energy is dead. After closing I called a Lyft back to my trailer and was surprised at how nice the car was that pulled up, It was a black BMW with tinted windows, when I climbed inside I noticed the driver was so sexy. He has a finely trimmed mustache and a handsome young face, his cologne smelled like money and the leather seats cupped my ass in a way that made me wet. I gave him a look in the rear view mirror, I could tell he knew that I was a cum slut. He drove me home like usual, taking the longer route of course. When we got to my trailer park he pulled in front of my trailer, I noticed that he didn’t unlock my door. I asked him “Do you want to chill for a bit?” He nodded, never saying a word… he climbed into the back seat. I noticed that his cock was hard through his pants, I grabbed it in earnest, his face changed instantly. I pulled my skirt up to show him my perfectly bald cunt, which he immediately dropped between my legs to eat. He licked between my legs until I squirted all over his face. I had to return the favor by swallowing his long white cock. He slid his dick down my throat, I felt him get harder with every thrust, my pussy throbbed so hard. I knew he was close to cumming so I bent over and spread my cheeks for him so he could see my dripping wet pussy. He slid inside me swiftly, making me cum all on his cock. We fucked at least three times that night, I let him cum deeply inside all my holes!

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