Biker Fuck

cum guzzing slutI just can’t get enough of fucking big hard cocks. I don’t need wined and dined or even fucking 69’d!!! I wanted to let a biker take this cum guzzling slut for a ride. I knew he had a hard cock that I couldn’t wait to ride in all my whore holes. Once we got to the Sleazebag INN, I was already on my knees before he even took off his helmet. My cunt was dripping wet in anticipation of a good fuck. As my mouth pumped up and down his shaft, I locked eyes with my hot biker. I needed him to see how much this slut loves sucking him off!

His large hands were wrapped around my neck, and his fingertips digging deep! He yanked me back to pull his big dick out of my mouth. He bent me over the seat of his HOG to slam my whore cunt! Alternating between slamming me and long stroking me, he just kept teasing and edging me closer and closer until I couldn’t hold it any longer and I squirt all over his throbbing dick. I’m not sure who came harder, him or me. My juices were coating his dick, and my whore pussy was filled with his hot cum. He sure knew how to dick down this trailer trash whore!

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